From the recording The Anywhere Cafe

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God Knows Better
Written by Rick Lorenzini
Vocals, Keyboards: Rick Lorenzini
Guitar: Andy Machin
Guitar: Davi Mello


God knows better

I say to myself I don't need you anymore
The road is going to be richer, and I will be the better
It's hard to believe there's no more both of us
But that's the way I want it, so go I’ll adjust.

It’s my turn
I don't need a ticket in
I don't need your problems
I’ve got problems of my own
I don’t care anymore
And I’m no longer bitter
But God knows better

You can turn a dark cloud so much colder
And my best ambitions laid out before me have folded
The time we spent undressed together
Didn't really make us really want to feel each other


God must know better why two people can’t remain
Must know how to make a simple mistake feel right or fade
God must know a better way to break a heart
Maybe next time he’ll let me in
Give me shelter from her, but I know better

I wonder now if the carnival will ever return
Each year the summer would bring her to town
I remember those nights watching the wheels go round and round
Chasing that asphalt girl in the shadows and laying her down


That subway car that would keep us awake at night
No longer passes by my bedroom window
Now it’s the sound of nothing that scares me to death
Like stillness and calm that I have never known

So, I’ll drive the darkened highway to the high desert
Where the moon over California first enlightened you
Little did I know that golden hallowed moon
Could make you defy gravity too

It’s my turn
I don't need a ticket in
I don’t need your problems
And though I still believe
I don't pray anymore
And I am no longer bitter
God knows better